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Dangers of Skipping Annual Eye Exams

Dangers of Skipping Annual Eye Exams

Dangers of Skipping Annual Eye Exams

Dangers of Skipping Annual Eye Exams

The eye is among the most important and delicate organs in the human body. It is the window through which you see the world and maintains your quality of life and independence. Most eye doctors insist on everyone getting their eyes examined at least once a year. Read on to learn why it is dangerous to skip annual eye exams.

Threat to Eye Sight 


One of the most common risks you expose yourself to by skipping annual eye exams is endangering your vision. Eye exams catch various vision problems such as astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. They also detect chronic conditions like cataracts, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. 

Therefore, one can benefit from prompt treatment through early detection to protect their vision from worsening. Neglecting annual eye exams increases your risk of experiencing irreversible vision loss.

Missed Treatment Opportunities


Eye exams can also detect health problems that have no relation to your vision. Your eye doctor can identify conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure by examining your eyes. Early detection can prevent these conditions from progressing through early and prompt treatment.

Skipping your annual eye exams can make you miss the chance to diagnose and treat some health conditions during their early stages. This increases your risk of experiencing complications or irreversible damage to your health.

Increased Risk of Accidents


Eye exams are crucial because they help maintain vision through necessary correction once your eye doctor identifies issues. As a result, your risk for accidents like falls reduces.

Increased Expense


Skipping your eye exams can cause undetected issues to progress and worsen. You will eventually spend more money on health care than you would if you stuck to your annual eye exams. 

Preventative care is better because it is generally less expensive than later intervention and a cure. Skipping annual eye exams causes you to miss the chance to treat health conditions during their early development stages. You spend more money treating them when they worsen.

Neglect of Eye Health for Children


Routine eye exams are beneficial to children because their eyes are continuously developing. You can help your child receive necessary eye care by not skipping annual eye exams. Their eye doctor can detect vision problems before they worsen and help with the appropriate correction or treatment. 

If you skip your children’s annual exams, they may start falling behind in school. Struggling to see the board in class may lead to poor academic performance. They may have difficulties in sports or playing with their peers due to vision problems. Skipping eye exams could impact your child's eye health and increase their risk of experiencing potential permanent vision loss.

Reduced Quality of Life 


Your overall quality of life can reduce if you skip annual eye exams. Your ability to do your daily tasks can become difficult due to poor vision. You can struggle with tasks such as using computers, driving, or reading.

Poor vision can reduce your independence and limit your opportunities to enjoy or take part in leisure activities or do some jobs. Your performance at work can get impacted if you have poor vision. You may not manage to do some tasks efficiently and safely. Eye exams are ideal to ensure the longevity of your eye health. They help make the necessary correction to improve your vision and quality of life.

For more about annual eye exams, contact Patel Vision Group in Fair Oaks, California at (916) 966-4700 to discuss any questions or to  book an appointment today.

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