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Can Specialty Contact Lenses Prevent Vision From Getting Worse?

Can Specialty Contact Lenses Prevent Vision From Getting Worse?

Can Specialty Contact Lenses Prevent Vision From Getting Worse?

Can Specialty Contact Lenses Prevent Vision From Getting Worse?

Prescriptive eyewear has come a long way. The first eyeglasses were created in the 13th century in Italy, and the first contacts were in the late 1800s. Today, the designs have improved significantly to ensure they work well. 

Knowledge about eye conditions has also increased considerably. Now, eye doctors understand how multiple conditions develop and how they can be prevented. Some of these conditions are preventable by specific eyewear. 

One of the most prevalent eye conditions worldwide is myopia. Currently, over 30 percent of Americans have the condition. According to a survey, the numbers have increased by 25 percent in the past forty years. 

Experts estimate that by the year 2050, almost half of the world population will have a form of the condition. Myopia is the only refractive error that develops and likely worsens in childhood.


What Is Myopia?


Myopia is more commonly known as nearsightedness. It mainly affects distance vision, making things appear blurry the further they are from your face. The leading cause of the condition is yet unknown, but the impact is well understood. 

The development of the condition manifests by the elongation of the eyeball. The elongation often leads to the bulging of the cornea. These two events dramatically change how the eye refracts and focuses light. Instead of the focus being on the retina, it is on the spot before the retina. 


Myopia Control


Myopia control is a treatment strategy employed by an eye doctor to try and slow down the worsening of myopia. Myopia develops while you are young, typically between six and 14. From the first time it develops, the condition worsens as you age. This worsening of myopia is called progression. 

Myopia progression can be fast or slow. Your child must be diagnosed early so that eye doctors can help slow the progression. The process of slowing progression is called myopia control or management. It involves using strategies to stop or limit the elongation of the eyeball.


Contact Lenses for Myopia Control


Some of the most effective strategies for myopia progression involve specialty contact lenses. The lenses help slow down the elongation of the cornea. 

  • Ortho-k

Ortho-k is a popular corneal reshaping lens. You wear the lens while you sleep and take it off in the morning. It slowly reshapes the lens so you can have perfect vision during the day. The lenses are among the most effective myopia control options for children.

The eye doctor will need to have a few fittings before the correct cornea shape is reached. After that, your child only wears retainer lenses to maintain the corneal shape.

  • MiSight® and Abiliti™ Contact Lenses

These lenses are uniquely designed for children with myopia. They help slow its progression by changing how light focuses in the eye. This process or technique is called myopic defocus. It focuses light on the retina using different myopic zones. It tricks the eye into not growing any longer.

For more on whether specialty contact lenses prevent vision from getting worse, visit Patel Vision Group in Monterey, California. Call (831) 375-7755 to book an appointment today.

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