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Can Dry Eyes Cause Other Health or Vision Problems?

Can Dry Eyes Cause Other Health or Vision Problems?

Can Dry Eyes Cause Other Health or Vision Problems?

Can Dry Eyes Cause Other Health or Vision Problems?

Dry eyes occur when the eyes fail to produce enough tears to lubricate the eyes. Symptoms of dry eye range from mild to severe. They often include eye irritation, blurriness, and light sensitivity. If not treated, eye dryness can cause cornea damage or infection, complications that can lead to impaired vision or blindness. 

Long-term Effects of Dry Eye


Dry eye can lead to various health complications such as corneal scratches, scarring, and an increased risk of infection. Eye infections can lead to vision complications such as blurriness and vision loss. The condition can result in a reduced ability to perform tasks such as reading and driving. If the cornea becomes scratched, it can lead to the formation of scars, which can cause long-term vision problems. 

Treating Cornea Damage From Dry Eye


If excessive dry eye causes damage to the cornea, your eye doctor can recommend treatments depending on your condition. Some of these options may include the following:

  • Eye drops or ointments.

  • Special contact lenses. 

  • Eye patches.

  • Anti-inflammatory eye drops.

  • Autologous serum.

  • Antibiotics.

In extreme cases, eye doctors may recommend a corneal transplant to restore clear vision if the treatments prove ineffective. During surgery, they would replace the damaged section with donor tissue. 

Dry Eye and Other Vision Problems 


Dry eye can be temporary or chronic, and it can cause vision issues ranging from mild impairment to blindness. Mild and moderate symptoms can be relieved using home remedies. Dry eye treatments can help reduce symptoms such as irritation, light sensitivity, redness, blurry vision, and increased tear production. Severe dry eye in some cases can cause permanent vision loss. If you experience dry eye symptoms, it is recommended to get treatment to reduce the risk of complications. 

Temporary vs. Chronic Dry Eye


Dry eyes can be temporary, lasting several hours to a few months. Temporary dry eye is usually a result of prolonged digital screen use, exposure to allergens, or other environmental factors. Chronic dry eye occurs when the symptoms last months or years and are not usually linked to environmental factors. The chronic condition can be due to natural aging, underlying health conditions, hormonal changes, and other eye diseases.  

Relieving Dry Eye Symptoms 


Relieving dry eye symptoms can help avoid complications. If you experience persistent symptoms, it is crucial to contact your eye doctor in Salinas at Patel Vision Group. For people who experience mild symptoms or infrequent dry eye, making simple lifestyle changes can help relieve symptoms.

Dry eyes resulting from weather changes, pollutants, dry air, allergies, and computer use can be relieved by eliminating the triggers. Treating underlying health conditions or changing medications can also help treat the symptoms. 

Depending on the cause, dry eye treatment can be ongoing. If the condition is related to a disease such as diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis, the patient may require treatment for life. Making lifestyle adjustments, including eating a healthy diet, staying hydrated, avoiding smoking, and reducing contact lens wear, can help. Artificial tears and prescription eye drops can help soothe the eyes and reduce symptoms. Treatment can prevent dry eye complications. 

For more on whether dry eyes cause other health or vision problems, contact Patel Vision Group at our Salinas, California office at (831) 443-5250 to schedule an appointment today.

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