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Are Contact Lens Exams Required to Reorder Contacts?

Are Contact Lens Exams Required to Reorder Contacts?

Are Contact Lens Exams Required to Reorder Contacts?

Are Contact Lens Exams Required to Reorder Contacts?

Most people are switching to contact lenses from eyeglasses. Contact lenses have become more popular for various reasons, like retaining your natural look and giving you an open field of view. 

They do not fog up or hinder you from engaging in activities such as contact sports. Ordering contact lenses with no prescription is possible. However, a big dilemma is whether one requires a contact lens exam when they reorder contact lenses. 


Importance of Routine Contact Lens Replacements


It is crucial to replace your contact lenses regularly. They can get worn out and damaged over time. This increases your risk of irritation and infection. Hence, replace them as your eye specialist directs by reordering a new pair. Routine replacements can happen based on the type of contact lenses you wear. 


What Is a Contact Lens Exam?


A contact lens exam is a comprehensive eye exam specifically required for contact lens wearers. The exam entails a series of measurements and tests. They help determine the following:

  • Refractive error

  • Visual acuity

  • Corneal size

  • Shape

  • Prescription and contact lens type for the best outcome

Your eye care professional can also check your overall eye health, like signs of inflammation and infection. They will also examine eye conditions affecting your ability to wear contacts.


Regulations and Requirements of Reordering Contacts


Understanding the regulations and requirements of ordering contact lenses is the first step to knowing whether you will require a contact lens exam. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulates contact lenses sale in the United States. It requires that their prescriptions be valid for at least twelve months or a year and that eye doctors verify contact lens orders.

Most optometrists and eye doctors opt for frequent prescription renewal—typically after six to 12 months—to monitor the patient’s eye health and ensure their prescription remains accurate. It allows the eye specialist to check potential issues like irritations or infections. It also helps make prescription adjustments necessary.


Follow the Instructions on Contact Lens Care and Wear 


Contact lens wearers should follow the instructions their eye care professionals give them on care and wear. It includes regular cleaning and replacing the lenses as directed. Following these guidelines ensures you wear contact lenses effectively and safely. 

Doing so reduces your risk of developing complications like irritation and infections. Follow the schedule your eye care professional gives you on wearing the contacts. Doing so will reduce the risk of experiencing discomfort and fatigue from overwearing contacts.


Work With a Licensed Eye Care Professional


It would help if you worked with a licensed eyecare expert to give your eyes the best care they deserve. The specialist can give you valuable guidance and insight on how to take care of your contacts. Doing so will ensure they are effective and safe for your eye health.

Working with a licensed eye specialist helps new contact lens wearers. They can get the ideal instruction and training on how to wear and care for their lenses. This can help them avoid mistakes and potential issues like eye damage or infection.

Contact lens exams only seem similar to regular eye exams. However, they are expressly meant for contact lens wearers and their needs. They ensure the safety and effectiveness of contacts and help maintain good eye health.

For more about contact lenses and exams, visit Patel Vision Group in Redding, California. Please call (530) 221- 6651 to schedule and eye exam.

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